Jamie - Owner / head coach


I started my CrossFit journey in 2010 while in Afghanistan. Sure, I was hesitant to adopt the different style of training where your workout can vary from a minute and a half to an hour and a half. I used to think, “Oh, you CrossFit guys are done your workout in seven minutes? Well I’ll go and lift weights and do cardio for two hours.” I was accustomed to spending significant amounts of time in the gym pushing weights to get stronger. It worked to an extent, but I didn’t realize the potential of workouts until I tried CrossFit. It was life changing.

I was exposed to ways of improving my overall fitness - not just my strength. From the very first CrossFit workout I realized there are tremendous benefits across all areas: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

Growing up, I was always very active whether playing outdoors or on the playing field. Until I joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 2003, I hadn’t gotten into strength training. CrossFit has been a natural fit as it allows for fun, challenging ways to improve your physical and mental fitness while leaving you with time to enjoy your life.

- CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
- CrossFit Strongman
- CrossFit Judges Course
- CrossFit Gymnastics
- CrossFit Mobility
- CrossFit Weightifting
- CrossFit Endurance
- Standard First Aid/CPR/AED

Josh - trainer

I was a typical skeptic of CrossFit coming into it, but that skepticism was thwarted very quickly. I have a background in organized sports, professional dance, and I’ve worked out (in the traditional sense - lifting weights) most of my life.  After trying CrossFit on the recommendation of my best friend (Insert picture of you here) :)  I immediately saw the positive challenge that it offers someone!  Approaching 40 I’m finding it more and more difficult to challenge myself in new physical ways.  Often with organized sports at my age the competition is so varied that really challenging myself isn’t always an option and just lifting weights is the most boring thing I can think of doing.  I’ve also really enjoyed group fitness, i.e. dance classes or organized sports, because it gives you the opportunity to see friends and teammates progress and achieve new things.  That’s what makes CrossFit perfect for me. I can push myself to my absolute best while cheering on others at the same time.  I can’t wait to continue to better myself and watch others do the same at Forest City CrossFit!

- CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


Mark - Trainer

Mark is a sports enthusiast. He played a bit of Junior Hockey and started CrossFit in his garage in 2012. He also loves dogs. When he's not at the gym he's with his wife Melissa and their kids Haley & Chase. For the most part he's a quiet guy unless Coach Jamie and him are spotted together in class, then you can find them bickering about trivial things, such as the amount of lyrics in the workout playlist ... Mark has fun loving child-like personality.

- CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
- Movement and Mobility 101 (Kelly Starret )
- CrossFit Weightlifting