What is CrossFit?
Fitness training that is conducted in a gym that is appropriate for all levels of fitness.
We work out in groups at scheduled times.
The entire workout from warm up, to strength / skill / technique, to the workout of the day is all lead by a coach.
You will be exposed to programming that is constantly varied and focused at developing your ability to move large loads, long distances, quickly.
We combine the most effective training practices of gymnastics, weightlifting and “cardio” into one program that produces amazing results.

How do I get started?
Take your pick:
Register for a
Free Trial Session.
Register for the Foundations Program.
Email us at info@forestcitycrossfit.com to set-up some Personal Training Sessions.

When are classes?
Please see the schedule – Personal training will be arranged according to your schedule, please email: info@forestcitycrossfit.com.

I am not in great shape, can I do CrossFit?
Absolutely. Any workout can and will be scaled depending on the athlete’s ability. Everyone will be doing the same workout, some may just have the range of motion, the weight, or the reps to complete adjusted based on their individual needs.

Is CrossFit the right type of training for me?
If you want to perform, feel and / or look better, with visible and measureable results,  then CrossFit is definitely for you. Regardless of your athletic background or experience with weightlifting, gymnastics movements or cardio capacity, CrossFit will improve all areas of your fitness: cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance. So register for a Free Trial Session and become a part of the Forest City CrossFit community where you will be challenged physically and mentally in our safe, fun and engaging atmosphere.

Who is the Foundations program for?

We understand that starting CrossFit can be intimidating, so we have established a program designed to facilitate your transition to becoming a regular member and a part of our community. The foundations program is also for those who have some experience with CrossFit but would like a refresher on movement technique.  Every CrossFit gym is a little different and through this program you will learn the movement standards and expectations at Forest City CrossFit.

What is the Foundations program?

The Foundations program introduces members to proper technique for the functional movements in order to keep everyone safe and moving efficiently. It is done through 6 sessions which are held three days a week for two weeks. You can take an additional two weeks to complete the program if necessary due to scheduling conflicts or just to make sure you are able to conduct the movements safely. When you are ready you will be “graduated” to the regular CrossFit sessions.
In the Foundations program you quickly realize that you are capable of so much more than you thought possible and will see the benefit of training in the small group atmosphere with mutual support and motivation under the guidance of a dedicated coach. During these sessions you will be instructed on the basic movements of CrossFit, gain a fundamental working knowledge of the Olympic lifts and have a great introduction to training with intensity. You will also be educated on our reservations system and result tracking software. As already mentioned, you will then be able to join our regular sessions full-time with a normal membership. All sessions will be scaled to your current capabilities. Please see the Foundations program – to see what you will cover.

When can I start the Foundations program?

We currently offer the Foundations sessions Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 18:30. Please reserve in advance as these classes are limited in size. 

How do I register for the Foundations program?

Foundations Program 
Choose a date that is good for you.
Get ready for 6 sessions that will change the way you look at life. 

Show up on the reserved date with some workout clothes, some water, and a positive attitude.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for the Foundations program in general?
No. Just show up with an open mind and be ready to move and learn.

What should I bring to the Foundations sessions?
Attending the Foundations sessions is not any different from the regular classes. You need to wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely in all directions. Be prepared to run outside. Have a water bottle with plenty of water. Appropriate footwear, typically a minimalist type athletic shoe with no / minimal heel to toe drop and as you develop your squatting / lifting you may want some weightlifting shoes. Those with longer hair, be sure to have something adequate to secure it, especially for jump rope. Of course have anything you require for medical concerns, such as an asthma inhaler, epi-pen etc.

I’m reallyfit”and would like to sign-up right away for the regular CrossFit sessions, is that allowed?
If you are experienced and proficient with the movements you can certainly participate in the regular class at the coach’s discretion. The Foundations program is designed to ensure that all athletes can execute the typical movements with proper form and therefore in a safe manner.  This allows the coach to engage and develop each member without their time being monopolized by an inexperienced individual. Participation in the Foundations program is at no additional cost to a month membership fee.

How much is a Forest City CrossFit membership?
We want you to be a part of our community, and we want you to feel that joining us is the right way to address your fitness needs, contact us to schedule your free trial session.

Why does CrossFit cost more than a common gym membership?
The membership fee incorporates the value of having an experienced coach ensure you are developing and improving your performance at every session in a safe, fun and challenging community oriented atmosphere. This is because Forest City CrossFit is not like the usual “globo”gym where you are left to figure out what to do with all the fancy equipment unless you enlist the services of an in-house personal trainer at a rate of $60-75 / hr. So to put into perspective, if you are willing to pay for two hours of personal training, at Forest City CrossFit you will get a month worth of training under the direction and guidance of an experienced CrossFit coach.

What are the payment options?
Credit Card online or in person, Cash or Cheque.

Can I get a receipt?

Do you offer personal training?
If you prefer to learn the foundations of the CrossFit movements or have some specific needs to address individually contact us at info@forestcitycrossfit.com.

Will CrossFit make girls bulky?
The programming at Forest City CrossFit is designed to improve your overall athleticism. If you are quite thin you are likely to notice some muscle mass development over time. Similarly, if you a little larger than the typical marathoner you are likely notice some toning or muscle definition over time. Becoming “bulky”involves significant muscular development which is affected by many factors such as hormone levels, caloric intake, supplementation, genetics, weight used for training etc. You will not wake up one morning and be shocked at the body builder in the mirror. You may be shocked at how great you look and feel and how quickly it happens. If bulk is want you want, you can certainly complement your CrossFit training with a program to support muscle mass development, understanding that there are expected performance compromises with added muscle mass.

I am in town on business / vacation can I workout at Forest City CrossFit?
People from out of town are always welcome to be a part of our community while in the area. One-time drop in rate is $20. If you are in the area for a while contact us at info@forestcitycrossfit.com and we will workout your membership.

Where is Forest City CrossFit?
Forest City CrossFit is located at 1106 Dearness Rd, unit 8, in London. Right behind Best Buy across from White Oaks Mall. See the map on our Contact Us page.

Other questions?
Please contact us at:  http://www.forestcitycrossfit.com/contact/, phone (519) 878-3223 or e-mail info@forestcitycrossfit.com