#1. Have fun!
Even though we take our training seriously, everyone needs to have fun in the process! Laugh and enjoy yourself. Dance! Whatever gets you to move!

#2. Be an active part of the community. 
Come out to our social events. Post on our social media sites. Follow us on Facebook. Introduce yourself to everyone you don’t know. Being an active part in the Forest City CrossFit community will make your experience even better!

#3. Be punctual.
If you’re not early, you’re late! Be sure to give yourself enough time to change, use the restroom, do individual mobility work and warm-up before class starts. 

#4. Respect training in-session.
If the previous class is running a little long, they still have priority! If you come early and the class in-session is full (especially on weekends), please stay clear. Feel free to wait in the lobby or mobility area if there is space available. Weather permitting, you can go for a run or get a light warm-up in. Please do not crowd the front door, interrupt the coach to ask questions, or be a distraction. .Respect other members in training.

#5. Check your ego at the door.
Test your scale (workout weight) BEFORE the WOD. You shouldn’t be changing scales during the WOD unless the WOD specifically dictates that you do. However, safety is always first. If you find the weight you are using is too much, by all means adjust as required. Do not try to tough it out when your technique is lacking due to too much weight. Sometimes it may just be too heavy. You are responsible for your own fitness, health and safety. Our workouts are challenging. The weight is sometimes heavy. If you need to scale back or aren’t comfortable, let the coach know and change it. If you cannot demonstrate safe mechanics with the weight or movements prescribed, modify. This is being smart - not weak. Train smarter, not harder. You will last longer, perform better and avoid injury and get great results.

#6. NEVER cheat range of motion to go faster! Keep accurate count.
Technique, consistency, THEN intensity. Never cheat range of motion to go faster. Also, if you lost count, err on the side of doing too many rather than too few. Count only reps that go through the complete ROM. Chin didn’t go over the bar? Squat not low enough? Do it again. Strive to meet or exceed the movement standard to really develop and improve your results.

#7. Respect your coach and fellow members.
Listen to the coach, especially during any training instructions and keep the chatter to a minimum. If the coaches are talking, you should not be. Be open-minded, try the corrections and modifications provided, warm up properly and always give the WOD your 100%.

#8. Sign up for classes & cancel reservations.
Sign up for class ahead of time to reserve a spot and sign-in at the kiosk when you arrive. Cancelling your reservation will allow others that may be on the waiting list to attend in your place. Remember to sign-in when you arrive so we can monitor and track your progress as well as program the needs of our community.   

#9. Track your progress.
Everyone is required to keep up their WODIFY account. We pay for each person to use this, and it’s a great tool to record and visualize your progress. Also, this is the best way for us to monitor the areas for development within our community and therefor program accordingly.  

#10. Clean up after yourself and take care of your fitness facility.
Pick up your used tape, pens, notebooks, scrap papers, chalk, band-aids, water bottles and sweaty clothes. Put all equipment you used back where it belongs. Stack the boxes neatly, put the bars in the racks, stack or rack the plates neatly and hand up your jump ropes. Help a friend. Using cleaning spray bottles when necessary. Take all of your things with you. Pack it in, pack it out! In order to provide everyone with a clean and organized environment, we need to share in our efforts for maintaining this.

#11. Respect the equipment.
Put things down gently, including wall balls. Please do not “dump” barbells/dumbbells for no reason. ALWAYS keep your weight under control. NEVER drop a kettlebell, dumbbell, or  empty barbell. The equipment is expensive and having to replace it more frequently will affect membership feeds.  

#12. Reminder
Have fun!