1 April 2016

Little Sweat Angel in the making ...

Little Sweat Angel in the making ...

Article: 3 Foods You MUST Eat If You Want 6 Pack Abs

No Foolin' ...

Around the World Planks, hold each position for 1-2 mins
- work through holding on Left side, Front, Right side, Back

Shoulder S&F (ball)
Lat Distraction (band)
Banded Hip Extension

Sit-ups (max reps in 60 sec)
Push-ups (max reps unbroken)
Pull-ups (max reps unbroken)

Back Squat (3 x 8)
Shoulder Press (3 x 8)
Weighted Lunge (3 x 8 each side)
- Lunge while holding weights - dumbbells, kettlebells ...
Bent Over Row (3 x 8)

Personal Goal Work
Get started on your April goals ...