10 September 2016

Article: Healthy Lunch Ideas - Quick and Easy Wraps

400m Run Then,

2-3 rounds:
- High Knees
- Butt Kicks
- Cross-overs (each direction)
- Reverse
- "Skip"
- Cartwheel

Hamstring: Sweep, Straddle (F-M-B), High Kick / March
Pigeon Stretch
Shoulders: hugs & circles

A, B and/or C, then D

A: 400m Run
B: 200m Run
C: 100m Run
D: Metcon 
teams of 2 (3), 2 RFT:
100m Run
100m Burpee Broad Jump
100m Run
100m Piggy Back
100m Run
100m Wheel Barrow

Switch with teammate as required / desired ...