19 April 2016

Article: Why Your Jeans Fit Better on Low-Carb

Hollow / Arch Body (Rock)
- intervals alternating between maintaining the Hollow Body and Arch Body positions (Tabata)

Pigeon Stretch
T-Spine Smash (balls)
Psoas S&F (kettlebell)

3 RFT:
1000m Row
800m Run

Core Work
Perform at least 3 of the following:
*** Rest between movements (1-2 mins) ***
L-sit Hold (max time supported on parallettes)
Sit-ups (20-50)
Oblique Sit-ups (20-50)
Front Leg Raise (20-50)
Bird Dog (10 each side with 3-5 sec hold)
V-ups (20-50)