21 April 2016

Getting Limber, make sure you lean in to it ...

Getting Limber, make sure you lean in to it ...

Article: 5 Steps to Creating an Obesity Epidemic
(Note on reference to "Challenges" in Article: They can certainly have value provided appropriate parameters are given, eg. awareness to caloric intake, macro balancing and understanding how variances affect you individually. Do not take on unsustainable practices which vary individually depending on personal goals and lifestyle choices ...)

Athlete choice:
Run Around Bldg (~400m)
Row 500m, or
Bike 1km

Upward Dog / Cobra / Bridge
Calf & Achilles Stretch
Suprapetellar (above knee) S&F (ball)
Dynamic Hamstring warm-up

A: Metcon (No Measure)
Choose Run / Row / Bike:
4 x 30 sec - 30 sec REST
4 x 60 sec - 60 sec REST
Alternate for 4 rounds:
50' Sled Push - High
50' Sled Push - Low

Core Work
perform at least 3 of the following:
B1: Side Lying Double Leg Raise (20-50)
B2: Lying Leg Crossovers(20-50)
B3: Knees To Elbow (20-50)
B4: Alphabet (lower case, upper case, both ...)
B5: Hip Extension (20-50) Variations: GHD, PVC / Band / Bar Good Mornings
B6: Toes-To-Bar (20-50)