22 November 2015

Article: External Rotation: Small Cue for a Big Squat

Jumping ...
3 rounds:
5 burpees
25 Jumping Jacks
10 Jumping alternating lunges (5 each side)

Trap Smash
Shoulder Flexion (hold bottom of dip)
Quad/Hip stretch

5 min EMOM
10 Shoot-Through (and back)

10 min AMRAP:
Teams of 2-3
100' Prowler (180/90#)
Wall Ball Shuttle Run (30/20#)

one team on Prowler while other team doing Wall Ball Shuttle Runs
- scoring: sum highest and lowest score on wall balls

5 min Rest

Deficit Push-ups:
Max Reps Decline
2 min Rest
Max Reps Level
2 min Rest
Max Reps Incline