26 March 2016

Keep rowing or the Force will Awaken ...

Keep rowing or the Force will Awaken ...

Article: Patti: A Journey Toward Wellness

Med Ball Clean - Technique
1. Deadlift (focus on good setup)
2. Deadlift Shrug (focus on fast extension and shrug with no arm bend)
3. Front Squat (focus on depth of the catch)
4. Shrug and Drop Under (focus on shrug and beating the ball down, catching low and tight)
5. Full Medicine Ball Clean

Posterior Shoulder S&F (ball)
Banded Hip Extension
Banded OH Extension

Teams of 2 (3) complete:
200 Walking Lunges
100 Push-ups
50 KB Snatch (53/35#)
100 Push-ups
200 Walking Lunges

*** Active Rest ***
During Lunges - Straight Arm Plank
During Push-ups - Hold KB
KB Snatch - REST

A: Handstand Hold - Free (Practice for Max Time)
Max time maintaining a free standing handstand

B: Handstand Hold - Wall (Practice for Max time)
Max time maintaining a handstand position against the wall. Facing wall is preferred / better positioning ...