29 March 2016

Definitely all the way down ... nice job Mitch

Definitely all the way down ... nice job Mitch

Article: 'everything in moderation' is 'useless'

Row Technique - 7s Warm-Up:
7 strokes - Hips Only
7 - Hips & Arms
7 - 1/2 Legs Only
7 - 1/2 Legs & Hips
7 - 1/2 Legs, Hips & Arms
7 - Legs Only
7 - Legs & Hips
7 - Legs, Hips & Arms
*** Stroke Rate: 18-26 / min ***
Additional Options:
- Eyes Closed
- Feet Out (No straps)

Ring Support (for max time)
- Maintain arm extension while supporting body on rings (top of dip position)
- use box / bench for foot / leg support as a progression ...

Glute S&F (ball)
Lat S&F (ball/roller)
Hip Flexor area S&F (kettlebell)
Psoas S&F (kettlebell)

Row 5K
Bike 10K

Core Work
Perform a single set 20-50 Reps of the following (adjusting added weight as required):
Weighted Sit-ups
- hold wt with arms extended toward ceiling throughout movement
Weighted Seated Mason Twist
-Seated on floor, raise feet off floor maintain upright torso and rotate side to side while holding appropriate weight in hands. Try to touch weight / hands to floor on each side.
Weigthed Bicycle
- hold weight above knees while performing movement
Weighted Standing Oblique Crunch
- keep shoulders back, torso upright, hips extended and work full ROM through leaning while holding weight on working side
Hip Extension
- GHD / Good Mornings
Knees to Elbow
- hanging from bar, use kip swing / from floor holding base of rig post

*** Rest between movements (1-2 mins) ***