30 September 2016

Getting limber ...

Getting limber ...

Article: Results of Stretching Everyday

Run Around Bldg (~400m)
Row 500m, or
Bike 1km

Med Ball Clean - Technique Progression
1. Deadlift (focus on good setup)
2. Deadlift Shrug (focus on fast extension and shrug with no arm bend)
3. Front Squat (focus on depth of the catch)
4. Shrug and Drop Under (focus on shrug and beating the ball down, catching low and tight)
5. Full Medicine Ball Clean

Glute / Ham S&F (ball on box or floor)
Posterior Shoulder / Rotator S&F (ball)
PVC Pass-Throughs & Wrist Mob

Burgener Warm-up

Snatch (3-3-3-3-3 ("Touch 'n Go"))

Elizabeth (Time)
Clean, 135# / 95#
Ring Dips