31 March 2016

Emma making it look easy ...

Emma making it look easy ...

Article: How Exercise Affects Women's Metabolism Differently From Men's

Athlete choice:
Run Around Bldg (~400m)
Row 500m, or
Bike 1km

Upward Dog / Cobra / Bridge
Calf & Achilles Stretch
Suprapetellar (above knee) S&F (ball)
Dynamic Hamstring warm-up

A: Metcon (No Measure)
Choose Run / Row / Bike:
5 x 30 sec
- 30 sec REST
5 x 60 sec
- 60 sec REST

Core Work
perform at least 3 of the following:

B1: Toes-To-Bar (20-50)
B2: Plank Knee to Elbow - Outside (20-50)
- from the plank position supported on elbows, bring the knee to the same side elbow, alternating sides
B3: Plank Knee to Elbow - Inside (20-50)
- from the plank position supported on elbows, bring the knee to the opposite elbow, alternating sides
B4: Flutter Kicks (20-50)
- on floor in "hollow body" position, keep legs straight and perform flutter kicks / scissor movement. 4 count, L,R,L,R =1 ... eg. 1,2,3,1; 1,2,3,2; 1,2,3,3; 1,2,3,4; 1,2,3,5 ...
B5: Superman - Alternating (min 10 each side (with 3-5 sec hold))
- hold Superman / Arch body position paused for time indicated; alternating between raising L Arm with R Leg / R Arm with L Leg
B6: Steam Engine (20-50)
- From standing position, keeping hands behind head with fingers interlocked, touch elbow to opposite knee aternating sides and returning to upright postion (hip and back extended) for each rep