31 May 2016

Article: DIY Tape Grips

Run around Bldg or 400m route

Kip Swing Practice
3-5 rounds, 5-10 reps

PVC Pass-Throughs & Wrist Mob
Glute Stretch (ext rot / ankle on opp knee)
Banded Lat Distraction
Banded Ankle Distraction

Alternating EMOM10:
A: 1-5 Muscle-Ups (even mins)
B: 10 Alternating Pistol Squat (odd mins)

*** up to 30 seconds of work, giving at least 30 seconds rest ***
- MU option, pull-up & dip
- option, supported / assisted one leg squats

Shoulder Press (3-3-3-3-3)

Personal Goal Work