4 November 2016

Always glad to be done the WOD ...

Always glad to be done the WOD ...

Article: CrossFit: An Endurance Sport

Each movement the length of the gym and back, 2-3 rounds:
- High Knees
- Butt Kicks
- Cross-overs (each direction)
- Reverse
- "Skip"
- Cartwheel

Plantar Surface Smash (ball)
Barbell Quad Smash
Barbell Hamstring S&F
Barbell Shoulder & Biceps Smash

A: AMRAP-10:
30 Sit-Ups
20 Cal Row
10 Burpee over Rower
*** Rx+= GHD Sit-Up, Bike, Burpee Pull-Up

B: Max Weight Sled Push - 50m (Weight)
Try for continuous push ...