5 April 2016

Someone seems unsure ...

Someone seems unsure ...

Article: 16 Vegan One-Pot Recipes

Hollow / Arch Body (Rock)
- intervals alternating between maintaining the Hollow Body and Arch Body positions (eg. Tabata)

Pigeon Stretch
T-Spine Smash (balls)
Psoas S&F (kettlebell)

Run 5k,
Row 5K
Bike 10K

Core Work
Perform at least 3 of the following:
*** Rest between movements (1-2 mins) ***

L-sit Hold (max time supported on parallettes)
- Maintain the "L" position while supporting with hands on parallettes, rings, floor, rope etc.
- enter seconds for reps ...
Sit-ups (20-50)
Oblique Sit-ups (20-50)
- lying on side hand behind / at side of head, contract obliques to bring elbow toward hip
Front Leg Raise (20-50)
- lying on back, legs together and extended, keeping the feet off the floor raise legs together until upright / vertical then lower to start / horizontal position (off floor)
Bird Dog (10 each side with 3-5 sec hold)
- Start with hands and knees on floor, knees under hips and hands under shoulders. Extend Left Leg and Right Arm and hold for time indicated; alternating between raising L Arm with R Leg / R Arm with L Leg (Extend limbs and Torso should at least be in a straight line)
V-ups (20-50)
- Start by lying on back, legs extended and arms extended overhead. Raise legs together while sitting up at the same time, in order to touch toes.